We Make House Calls!

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Wayne Howell, Esq.
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Taking All Precautions

You hear it every day, people reminiscing about "The good old days, when doctors made house calls".

Just as medicine has changed, the practice of law has become a highly competitive business.  Large personal injury firms must advertise extensively to attract clients, and each attorney must handle a high number of clients in order to pay for the advertising.  With the attorney's attention divided among so many clients, personalized service becomes a thing of the past and the client feels like just another number. 

One recent client of a large advertising firm, discussing her desire to fire that firm, relates that at no time had she ever met with nor spoken to her attorney.  She describes her initial consultation as being with "a salesman".  In a recent disciplinary hearing for attorneys with another large firm, it was noted that the experience of hiring that firm was not unlike that of buying a car.

That's the problem; this is the solution:  House Calls.   We make it as convenient as possible for you to do business with us.  For your initial consultation, your lawyer will come to you; your meeting will be at the time and location most convenient for you -- your doctor's office in the morning, your home on a Saturday, a local coffee shop after work -- whatever.

At the start of your case, you will receive prepaid return envelopes in various sizes.  Need to send us your repair estimate or copies of medical statements?  Pop 'em in the mail.  No time to make a copy?  Just make a brief note; we'll make the copies and return the originals to you.

At critical points such as when we receive an offer or when it is time to settle your case, we will advise you in writing.  Prefer to call and say "settle it"?  Fine.  But if you are busy, just indicate your instruction on the letter and use the prepaid return envelope.

We want and value your business.  "House Calls" is just one way of showing you how much.



Wayne Howell - We Make House Calls