About Our Logo

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Wayne Howell, Esq.

We are in a time of eagles, wolves and bulldogs, catchphrases about it being time and taking only one call, guys who look like Arnold, guys with spiky hair, guys who change their names to sound more ethnic . . . where does it end?

Maybe where it started. 

Logos and catchphrases are nothing more than visual and auditory queues, shortcuts to help you quickly identify a business from an image or sound.

In colonial times, when much of the population was illiterate, you could still walk down the main street and identify various businesses at a glance.  Signs stood in your line of sight -- a locksmith might have a sign shaped like a key, a tavern might have a drawing of a glass of beer, a hotel might have a drawing of a bed.

Our logo is intended to take you back to that time.  If you saw it while walking down a colonial street, your first impression might be that The Law is housed inside.  A lawyer's shingle dangling below confirms the impression.

When you see the LawHouse logo today we hope to give you just a moment of that old-fashioned feeling, that The Law is something important and special, that needs to be practiced with craft and care and given the respect it deserves.  We are professionals in the old-fashioned sense -- We make house calls.  


Should you find yourself or someone you care about in need of legal representation in any of our practice areas, please remember our logo, and know that you can come home. to the LawHouse.  After all, we are lawyers; we are here to help.


Wayne Howell - About Our Logo